Call for Papers

Authors are invited to submit works dealing either with methodological or application solutions pointing out the real possible uses and applications of artificial intelligence methods and tools into the cultural heritage field. The topics include experiences in the use of innovative technologies/methods applied to CH domain for documenting, managing and communicating cultural heritage and how to take best advantage from the integration  of the results obtained in order to build up new tools.

Papers dealing with (but not limited to) the following subjects are particularly welcome:

  • Analytic tools to assist research on collections or artefacts
  • Cultural heritage Mashup media
  • Cultural Heritage multimedia production
  • Digital artefact capture, representation and manipulation
  • Digital capture and annotation of intangible heritage (performance, audio, dance, oral heritage)
  • Intelligent and/or adaptive interfaces
  • Intelligent tools for digital reconstruction
  • Interactive user interfaces for CH applications
  • Models and formal methods for the knowledge representation and sharing on the Web dealing with the enjoyment of artistic heritage
  • Mobile agents
  • Multimedia music representation and formatting
  • Ontologies for cultural heritage
  • User and group modelling for active cultural heritage