Welcome to AI*CH 2016

NEW: The proceedings of AI*CH 2016 are published as a volume of the AI*IA series of the CEUR Workshop Proceedings (CEUR-WS.org)

The  10th Italian Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Heritage

The 10th Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Cultural Heritage will take place in Genoa, Italy, on 28 November 2016. It will be held in conjunction with 15th AI*IA 2016, International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence.

Following a consolidated tradition, this Workshop once again aims to represent  an opportunity for comparing possible contributions of artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies to conservation, valorisation and fruition of the cultural heritage. So, this will be a meeting point where all aspects of AI will be analysed to improve the valorisation, conservation and promotion of the cultural assets. Today, there are some topics that have to be addressed in CH domain: management of large amounts of data present and that grow day by day; promotion of cultural heritage by offering new interaction paradigms exploiting the great amount of data; protection of assets through fast and minimally invasive investigations. The workshop is aimed to be multi-disciplinary. It is intended for researchers, practitioners, and students of information and communication technologies (ICT) and cultural heritage domains (museums, archives, libraries, and more). We think that this workshop can be a good meeting point where address this questions and propose innovative solutions.